Nikah Services in Karachi

What is Nikah?

Nikah Services in karachi is a religious marriage ritual in Islam. It is considered the highest form of marriage because it involves an exchange of marital vows between two individuals who are considered to be equals in terms of status and rights.


The purpose of Nikah is to cement the relationship between a man and woman and to provide them with legal and financial protection. The Nikah ceremony can take place in a mosque or any other authorized place of worship.

Guidelines for Choosing a Nikah Service Provider

When choosing a Nikah Service Provider, there are a few things to keep in mind. The most important factor is to find someone who you trust and feel comfortable working with. It is also important to choose someone who has experience performing nikahs, preferably with both Muslims and non-Muslims.


Another thing to consider is the quality of the service. It is important that the provider has the professional equipment and a good location. The provider should also be able to provide references if needed.

Services Provided by Professional Nikah Khawan

Nikah Professionals in Karachi offer a wide range of services from arranging a nikah to performing it. They can provide you with all the assistance you need to make your nikah a success. Some of the services they offer include:


– Arranging a nikah

– Providing guidance on Islamic marriage customs

– Supporting you through the entire process

– Offering support after the nikah is performed

Nikah Khawan Service

Our Nikah Services

As the No. 1 Nikah Khawan Service Provider in Karachi, we are proud to offer Nikah Services (online & offline) provided by our registered Nikah Khawans. We provide English and Urdu Nikah Namas, NADRA Marriage Certificates in English & Urdu, as well as Nikah Namas duly registered. We provide Nikah Khawan Services in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and various parts of Pakistan. We will register your Nikah Nama (Marriage Contract) on the spot in Karachi and Lahore and issue your NADRA Computerized Marriage Certificate in just 2 Days.

English and Urdu Nikah Nama Services

The online and offline Nikah Khawan services we offer with English and Urdu Nikah Nama were launched in Karachi many years ago. The Nikah Khawan/Qazi who will attend your location at the right time will perform the Nikah Nama in English if you need one. Please let us know if you need an English Nikah Nama because it is hard to prepare one.

Nikah Khawan/Qazi/Imam always comes to your home to perform the Nikah

Online ordering for Nikah services has been available since 2012, and our Nikah Khawan (Qazi) always arrives on time at your Nikah venue, at your home, or at your booked wedding halls or banquettes. We can arrange Majlis-e-Nikah (gathering for Nikah) at our office if Wali is available for online nikah, marriage, or shadi or if Wali is not available for court marriage (if Wali is not available). Nikah Nama in Urdu is usually available easily. Please let us know if you would like a certified English translation of Urdu Nikah Nama

For booking our Nikah Khawan (Qazi), you can also visit our office in Karachi, call us, use WhatsApp or SMS, or visit our offices in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Registration of Marriages (Nikah Nama)

There are Urdu and English Nikah Nama available from our Karachi office of the Nikah Khawan & Nikah Registrars. Many people do not know about English Nikah Nama, and they are rarely used. English Nikah Nama forms are sometimes unavailable in the offices of Union Councils.

Marriage Contracts (Nikah Nama)

Marriages are generally contracted through Nikah Nama. The Nikah Registrar can provide English Nikah Nama upon request by the parties to the marriage. Nikah Nama is usually in Urdu. Nikah Nama records marriage contracts. There must be mutual consent between the parties in order for a contract to be signed. As with the principle of offering and accepting, Muslim marriage is based on the principle of offering and accepting. In cases involving marriage, the Nikah Nama serves as evidence in court regarding the contents of the Nikah. 


Marriage Certificate – Nikah Nama

An important aspect of the Nikah Nama is that it records the terms and conditions of the Nikah between the parties, making it easier to understand if there is a dispute later on.

There are columns in Nikah Nama for recording information about dower, talaq maintenance, a delegation of talaq, and restrictions on talaq. Special conditions can be entered in an additional column. The Nikah Nama should contain the conditions of the Nikah contract at the time of the ceremony or prior to it.

Fees for Nikah Services in Karachi

There is no doubt that Pakistanis invest vast amounts of money in their wedding ceremonies and parties, and also organize a variety of cultural and customary functions as part of their marriage celebrations. You can get your Nikah (in the family gathering) through our specialized Nikah Khawans (Qazis) charge is a very low and cheapest fee, which includes legal documentation of your Nikah Nama and registration. Despite the fact that the Nikah Khawan (Qazi) fee in Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi varies, we charge the same fee in Islamabad and Karachi as we do in Rawalpindi. There is no doubt that we offer the lowest fees in Pakistan, but our services and experience are of a very high standard.

Nikah Khawan Service

Nikah Khawan Service For Shia/Sunni Muslims

The cost of a Sunni Muslim Nikah ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000, while the cost of a Shia Nikah ranges from Rs. 30,000 (with two Ulma) for our Nikah Khawan (Qazi) when he visits your wedding venue, but when we organize the Majlis of Nikah at our office, we charge Rs. You will only be charged 8,000 for the services of our Nikah Khawan (Qazi). The NIKAH WITH SIMPLICITY is a contract between two people who intend to stay together for the rest of their lives and you would prefer only your close friends and family. In addition, there is no need to hire a professional for the wedding hall, banquette, lunch, dinner, decorations, expensive clothing, jewelry, or transportation. We offer you this simple and easy way of getting in touch with us. For any additional details, please contact us via email, WhatsApp, SMS, or through a web form. We also have offices in Islamabad and Lahore that you are welcome to visit.

How we can help you!!!!

As an expert law firm serving you since 1985, we aim to provide our clients with professional legal consultation in all family matters. We assist with online shadi (online marriage/online nikah). Nowadays, online marriages, online nikahs, and online shadis are becoming more and more common.  If you have any questions about legal issues, please feel free to ask them in the comment box or email with your query. Call 0317-7379886 to schedule an appointment.