Nikah Services in Islamabad

Nikah Services in Islamabad

Nikah Services are one of the most trusted and reliable providers in Islamabad with over two decades of experience. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service and ensuring your Nikah is stress-free and flawless. From the moment you make an inquiry to our team until after your Nikah has taken place, we will take care of everything for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation so that we can discuss your individual needs.

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What is Nikah?

Nikah is a religious ritual that plays an important role in Muslim marriages. This is the highest form of marriage since it involves two individuals who are considered equals exchanging vows. Nikah is the Islamic marriage rite, which is recognized by the Muslim community as a legal and binding contract. The nikah ceremony can take place in a mosque or elsewhere designated by the couple. After agreeing to marry, both partners must undergo a comprehensive health checkup to ensure they are fit for marriage and have no communicable diseases.

Nikah Ceremonies in Islam

In Islamabad, we offer a wide variety of Nikah Ceremonies. There are several common ones, including

Muslim Nikah Ceremony: This is the most common type of ceremony and is conducted by a qualified Muslim cleric. During this ceremony, the couple signs a marriage contract and promises to honor each other’s religious and marital obligations. After the ceremony, there is often a reception where guests can congratulate the newlyweds.

Types of Nikah Services

There are a few types of Nikah services that can be provided in Islamabad. These include the traditional Nikah ceremony, which is a religious marriage ceremony performed by a Muslim scholar or imam; and the more modern nuptial service, which is a simpler private ceremony. The third type of Nikah service is the Mehndi or henna painting ceremony, which marks the transition from betrothal to marriage.


In addition to these three types of services, there are also variations based on the bride’s nationality and religion. For example, Pakistani Christian brides usually have a Church wedding followed by a civil wedding conducted by an Islamic magistrate. Muslim Indian brides usually have a civil wedding followed by an Islamic nikah ceremony with their husband’s family.

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Nikah Guidelines for Service Providers

Nikah Service Providers should keep these points in mind while searching. It is most important to trust and feel comfortable with the person you are working with. It is also important to hire someone who has performed nikah both with Muslims and non-Muslims.


In addition to the quality of service, other factors should be taken into consideration. In addition to possessing professional equipment, providers must be located in a good neighborhood. The provider should also be able to provide referrals.

Services Providers for Nikah

Nikah Professionals in Islamabad provide a variety of services associated with Nikah, from arranging it to performing it. You can get all the assistance you need from them to make your Nikah a success. A variety of services are available from them, including

  • The process of organizing a Nikah
  • What you need to know about Islamic marriage customs
  • Our team is there to help you every step of the way
  • Following up on the nikah by providing support

We Offer a Variety of Nikah Services

Our company is one of the leading providers of Nikah Services (online and offline) through registered Nikah Khawans. In addition to NADRA marriage certificates in English and Urdu, we also register Nikah Namas. It is possible to obtain Pakistani Nikah Khawan services in Islamabad, among other places. You will receive, your NADRA Computerized Marriage Certificate within one week after you register your Nikah Nama (Marriage Contract) in Islamabad

Our Nikah Khawan Services are available in English and Urdu

We launched online and offline Services for Nikah Khawan in Islamabad many years back in both English and Urdu. Nikah Khawans/Qazis can perform the Nikah Nama in English at your location according to your needs. Providing Nikah Namas in English is hard, so if you need one, please let us know.

Nikah is always Performed in your home by Qazi

Our Nikah Khawan (Qazi/Imam) will arrive at your wedding hall or banquet on time if you order Nikah services online since 2012. The Majlis-e-Nikah can be arranged at our offices for online nikah, marriage, or shadi, or if Wali is unavailable for court marriage. It is usually easy to find Nikah Nama in Urdu online. We can translate your Urdu Nikah Nama into English. 

Bookings for Nikah Khawan (Qazi/Imam) can be made through our office in Lahore, via phone, through WhatsApp, or by visiting our office in Islamabad. Whether you have a question or not, we are happy to answer it!

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An Islamic Marriage Registration System (Nikah Nama)

We offer Nikah Nama in Urdu and English at our Lahore office of the Nikah Khawan & Nikah Registrars. Few people know about English Nikah Nama, and they are rarely used. The English form of the Nikah Nama is sometimes not available in Union Councils.


Marriage contracts are referred to as Nikah Nama

Marriages are generally contracted through the Nikah Nama. The Nikah Registrar can provide English Nikah Nama upon request by the parties to the marriage. There is usually an Urdu version of the Nikah Nama. The Nikah Nama records marriage contracts. An agreement must be reached by both parties before a contract can be signed. Muslim marriage is also based on the principle of giving and accepting, which is similar to the basis for Muslim marriage. The content of marriage contracts is determined by nikah nama, which is used by courts. 


Nikah Nama, or a Certificate of Marriage

In the event of a dispute in the future, the Nikah Nama document outlines the terms and conditions of the Nikah.


Information about dower, talaq maintenance, talaq delegation, and talaq restrictions is recorded in columns of the Nikah Nama. Special conditions can be entered in an additional column. When the ceremony is conducted or prior to the ceremony, the Nikah Nama must include contract conditions.


Nikah Fee-Related Services  

A variety of customary and cultural functions are also organized as part of Pakistani wedding ceremonies and parties. It costs is very cheap to obtain the legal documentation of your Nikah Nama and registration through our specialized Nikah Khawans (Qazis). It does not matter whether the fee is different in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, or Karachi because we charge the same Nikah Khawan (Qazi) fee. It is not our intention to provide inferior services or experience because we offer the lowest fees in Pakistan.

Muslim Nikah Khawan Services for Shias and Sunnis

We charge a very cheap fee when we organize the Majlis of Nikah at our office. We are only going to charge you 8,000 for our Nikah Khawan services (Qazi). A Nikah with Simplicity is a simple event where only family and friends are involved. The wedding hall, banquette, lunch and dinner, decorations, expensive clothing, jewelry, and transportation are not specialized. We provide a simple and easy method to communicate with us. We can be reached via e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS, or by completing a web form if you require additional information. Additionally, we have offices in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, which you are welcome to visit.

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You can Benefit from Our Services!

We have been providing legal services to clients in family matters since 1985. We also offer online nikah and Marriage Services. It is increasingly common for people to get married, get nikahs, and get shadis online.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about legal issues in the comment box or via email at Please contact us by calling 0316-1119655 to schedule an appointment.